Officers for 2017-2018

President- Donna Wyse
Senior Vice- Mary Boe
Junior Vice- Marilyn Eitreim
Sec. / Treas.- Holly Douglass
Conductress- Pat Wheeler
Chaplain- Susan Fisher
Guard- Rae Ann Triol
Trustee 3 yr- Susan Fisher
Trustee 2 yr- Pat Wheeler
Trustee 1 yr- Rae Ann Triol

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Officers for 2017-2018

President- Colleen Ball
Senior Vice- Rae Ann Triol
Junior Vice- Kelley Gerini
Sec. / Treas. - Holly Douglass
Conductress- Sherry Hannon
Chaplain- Allison Dietsch
Guard- Kelly Gerini
Trustee 3 yr- Marilyn Eitreim
Trustee 2 yr- Rae Ann Triol
Trustee 1 yr- Mary Boe

To Join our Auxiliary
Meetings are held
on the
2nd Sunday of the month
at noon
next meeting is 7/8/2018
at noon

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